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Silk Neckties

A silk tie is the standard.  It is an essential component of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Silk is one of the softest fabrics on the planet and can take on richer dyes because of its natural properties. Although synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon are often used to imitate the appearance of silk, they cannot offer the same richness and vibrancy of silk. 

Silk was first introduced to Western empires by Chinese merchants more than 2,000 years ago.  Silk was such a highly coveted commodity that Chinese silk merchants kept the details of silk production a secret for centuries. Indeed, anyone leaving a town where silk was made would be searched at the border to ensure that they were not smuggling out silkworms or other elements that were necessary in the production of silk.  Of course, knowledge of the process by which silk is created eventually escaped Chinese borders, but China is still responsible for approximately 75% of the world’s silk production. 

Having a large assortment of handsome silk ties can be cost-prohibitive. At Knot Tied Down, however, we break that barrier down. Our 100% silk handmade ties are affordable and inexpensive. Whether you’re a recent grad learning the ropes at your new job or a seasoned professional at the prime of his career, you can own beautiful handmade ties made out fabric that was once so highly safeguarded that no one outside of China knew how to produce it for nearly 1000 years.



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