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Self-Tie Silk Bow Ties

At one time, bow ties were mostly worn by the likes of philosophy professors and federal judges. Today, however, bow ties are as popular among the fashionable as they are among the academics. 

Although pre-tied bow ties are convenient, true aficionados prefer self-tie bow ties. Like driving a stick shift car, tying your own bow tie harks back to a time when the most rewarding things took just a bit more work and required a bit more control. Don't be too concerned with precision when tying a bow tie, though. A self-tie bow tie will never look as “perfect” as a pre-tied bow tie. And that "imperfection" is what gives them character.

At Knot Tied Down we offer affordable, handcrafted self-tie bow ties that fit any mood or occasion, whether you’re sipping champagne at a garden party or drudging to the office on Monday morning. Our silk bow ties come in a variety of colors and patterns including stripes, solids, paisleys, tartans, plaids and pindots. Our silk bow ties are also adjustable. That means that no matter your neck size, Knot Tied Down bow ties will fit you comfortably. 

If you’re new to bow ties, contact us with any questions you have.  We’d be happy to help you choose the perfect bow tie for you. And, since bow ties are appropriate for both formal and informal occasions, you can easily integrate them into your current wardrobe, weather you wear a suit every day or prefer jeans and V-neck sweater. 



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