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Welcome to Knot Tied Down.  We are an online tie shop based in Chicago.  Through our online store, you can explore our high-quality, affordable ties, bow ties, pocket squares, tie bars and other accessories.  We focus primarily on bold patterns and rich, vibrant colors.  Of course, if you're more comfortable in timeless classics, we carry those too. 

As you’re shopping, you’ll notice we sell only natural fibered ties at Knot Tied Down.  Natural fiber ties such as silk are often of higher quality and provide better color and texture than synthetic fibered ties.  Because they often drape better, silk ties provide an enhanced, more noticeable look. These features, along with our exceptional value, make Knot Tied Down's ties, bow ties and accessories perfect for the office, around town, and at any social event.  

We encourage you take your time browsing through our striking collections, but you'll find it won't take you too long.  Rather than carry a vast selection of products, we're committed to offering you only our best selections so you can spend more time wearing and less time browsing.  Above all else, Knot Tied Down strives to provide you with fashions that allow you to express who you are and we’re confident you’ll find something you can’t leave without. 

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